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Expedite the path to insights by harnessing the power of your business data. Flair BI is a new class of BI platform designed from the ground up to make data analysis and business intelligence more accessible to users.

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Timely Reporting

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Data solutions & Analytics

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Data infrastructure

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Data science

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Empower business’ with timely access to accurate data intelligence. We provide high-tech data business intelligence and analytics solutions that offers modern user experience, real-time data analysis, visual data discovery, self-service business analytics, reporting and dashboards well-suited to business users and data scientists alike.

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We build distributed, big data pipelines to power new products and business insights based on analytics and machine-learning.

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With our expertise we can advise and support the configuration of your data infrastructure including building scalable, low latency systems that turn data into meaningful insights in real-time.

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Sophisticated data modelling and analytics solutions for informed decision-making and reliable future projections. Realise maximum value from your data through AI from Machine learning methods for informed decisions for the present and future. Data Reporting and Mining.

Artificial Intelligence

NO matter the amount of data, automate your organisation decision making through ML and Deep learning to make improved decision making to personal customisations.



Propensity Modelling


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Business-Centric Agile reporting
& Analytics platform

Flair BI offers a broad range of BI & Analytic capabilities both on-premises and on cloud; Organizations can realize business value from data sooner by empowering business users to access and analyze data in the form of self-service dashboards, reports & analytics from across different data sources including streaming analytics. Flair BI provides a wide variety of native connectors and APIs that lets users connect to cloud applications, event streams, server logs, NoSQL, cloud file systems such as Google File System and Amazon S3, among others.

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