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Visual Analytics At The Speed Of Thought

Discover hidden insights to transform into an agile data driven organisation.

Self-Service Business Intelligence - Realize business value from data sooner.

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vizcentric Faster and Easier

Faster & Easier
Report Building

Build dynamic reports & dashboards in minutes; Does not require significant involvement from IT to administer the platform.

vizcentric Real-Time


Supports integration to real-time events and streaming data sources; resulting in easy to build real-time interactive dashboards without moving data.

vizcentric Collaboration

& Productivity

Allows users to trigger event-based scheduling, conditional alerts & operationalize reporting; enables users to share their insights security with others members in the organisation.

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vizcentric visualizations

data discovery

With few clicks users can easily create highly interactive dashboards with embedded analytic content which enables business users, prepare, analyze and share data.

vizcentric Microservice


Flair BI has a Unique microservices architecture that ensures platform security, high availability & disaster recovery

vizcentric Data Driven

Data Driven

Users can create relevant and personalized data alerts allowing faster actions enabling better decision making.

Flair BI Key Functionality

Modern BI & Analytics platform with best-in-class Enterprise reporting capabilities

Flair BI is a web-based BI and analytics platform that offers point-and-click interactive visualizations which are highly interactive and intuitive visual-based exploration experience for business users to easily access, prepare and analyze their data without the need for coding. Flair BI's main differentiator is its microservice architecture which ensures platform security, high availability, disaster recovery and ability to connect to almost any data source leveraging an extensive set of data connectors with both in-memory and direct query access for larger datasets; Due to it's architecture it can handle huge volumes of data along with real-time reporting. The product can be deployed as an on-premises appliance or on cloud.

  • Modern cloud architecture.
  • Real-time insights from Big and Streaming data.
  • Interactive visualization, exploration and analytic dashboarding capabilities for any data source.
  • User-driven self-service analytics capabilities and centralized system administration.
  • Enteprise-grade secuirty.
  • Microservice architecture.
  • In-memory result set cache and direct query access for larger datasets.
  • Data source connectivity and ingestion.
  • Hybrid deployment (Supports both On-Premises and Cloud).
  • Seamless user experience across devices.

How Flair BI works?

How Flair BI works